Meet the support staff

Meet the support staff

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Meet the support team (Name - Role | Notes)

WiFly - Team leader & Sr. Tech support specialist | Main tech support contact and brags about his high IQ of 89
BlushBee - Tech support / web design | Minion of WiFly and also smarter than WiFly but keeps it to his own
Bloud the Cloud - Tech support | Average tech knowledge but an expert when it comes to cloud computing
Daemoniush - Tech support | -
Cheapify - Tech support | -
FlyVampire - Tech support in training | -
Blicken the chicken - Tech support in training | -
Pillow - Frontdesk | Struggles with tech and needs support herself but happy to take calls unless it's too difficult and forwards them to support
BlushyFace - Manager | Wants to become CEO but manages the support team while developing software to optimize the flow of the help desk

- Wifly

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